Offers tailored to the size of your business.

Our pricing depend of the number of contacts in your database. No limit in your reminders, your newsletters or segmentation.

Your platform completely managed by yourself

Your platform co-piloted with a dedicated account manager!


  • Unlimited email's send
  • Automatic synchronization of contacts and
    purchase history
  • Dynamic & Preconfigured Segmentation of Contacts
  • Simplified template editor + Templates marketing
  • Automated workflows :
    Abandoned carts recovery, "cold" prospect's reminders, etc ...
  • Newsletters and promotional campaigns
  • Key Performance Indicators by scenario and newsletter:
    Realized sales, converted prospects, etc ...
  • Automatic generation of promo codes
  • Technical support by email
  • Support with an account manager
  • Your 500 firsts reminders free !No commitment or credit card, valid for 1 month

Account managment

  • Audit and marketing advices at start
  • Follow up on your emailing actions and monthly recommendations.
  • Dedicated account manager:
    A single interlocutor co-pilot the platform with you and answer all your questions.
  • Platform installation and configuration:
    You have nothing to do, we set everything up for you.
  • Support for your newsletters:
    Help with formatting, advice & good practices.
  • Formatting reminder emails to your graphic charter.
  • Transfer from your current provider:
    We take care of importing your data from your current provider.
  • GDPR support:
    Help and support in your compliance with the European regulation on data protection.

Additional offers "à la carte"

  • Custom graphic template creation to accelerate the building of your emails.
  • Adaptation of your existing email templates to our editor.
  • Creation and writing of your monthly newslleters.
  • Audit & co-management of your annual emailing.

Our features in detail

  • Automated workflows
  • New customers welcome's process
  • Abandoned carts recovery
  • "cold" prospect's reminders
  • "volatile" or "lost" customer's reminders
  • Birthday e-mail with personnalised coupon code
  • Purchase thanks
  • Loyalty Reward
  • Customer solicitation for notifications
  • Email campaigns
  • Dynamic segmentation of contacts
  • WYSIWYG email editor
  • Responsive emails
  • Preconfigured email's templates
  • Campaign comparison
  • Detailled statistics
  • Performance Indicators by automated workflows
  • Performance Indicators by newsletter
  • Emailing dashboards
Not decided yet ? Ask a demo! We call you back!

Most frequent questions

  • What happens to my data? only synchronize the data useful for the effective functioning of marketing tools available to its customers. Your data is isolated from the other and stored on secure servers. We promise to never sell or disclose these data to any third person or entity.
  • Am I obliged to import all my contacts? NO ! When you connect your website to our platform you can only work with your future subscribers or synchronize your entire base to work with all your prospects & customers.
  • What happens if I reach a contact number greater than my offer? The goal is to grow your business quickly and never penalize you with a limited ceiling of contact. So when your number of contacts increases we automatically adapt your offer to the next level and vice versa.
  • How many e-mail can I send per month? The subscription to "Welkom" includes an unlimited number of emails to send.
  • What happens if I get no results? is committed to providing you with marketing materials to help you grow your business from the first use. However, if you get no result during the trial period you can stop your subscription with a simple click on your account page.

    After this time, you will be charged the amount of the corresponding offer to the number of contacts on but obviously you keep the possibility to stop your subscription at any time. Our offers are without obligation!

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